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We Will Setup The Website You Choose.

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Targeted Results

So do you want your business found by only doctors or only mechanics? Or maybe you want to speak with all parents who have children between the ages of 5 and 11 years old?

Target your exact market, and don’t waste your energy shouting to the entire world!

Personalized Solutions

Most businesses will have a set budget not to exceed, but they will also have set goals they want to reach!

We work in a balance between what is needed and what is available to achieve the sales goals of the intended project.

We make it work!

Performance Monitoring

Whatever the reason you are developing a website, you need to make sure to achieve that goal!

We will monitor and analyze your site’s performance and keep you updated; how many visitors, where do people stay, why do they leave without buying, what buttons do they click and which they don’t, etc.

Portfolio Building

Most millennials are now investing in a portfolio of multiple online businesses; we will help you grow your portfolio and develop real businesses and income.

The opportunities in an online business are as diverse as those in the brick and mortar  world. We can help you explore them, see what works for you, and develop your options.

What Is A Website?
Why Is It So Important?

A website can be described in volumes of documents, but the truth of the matter is that a website is very much like your business card. you build it, put it online, and hope someone finds it…

But how do they find it, really?

Telling Google what your site is about.
This is the first step in building the “trust” around your website’s name. You must virtually tell the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo…) what this website is all about, handmade furniture, for example.
Match the description with the content.
When someone looks up a service that you claim you do, the search engine will pull your website and show it to them… And analyze their behaviour to see if the visitors are interested, if they spend some time there, if they click a subscribe button or if they buy something; among other things!
Being consistent in good results.
The more your visitors interact well with your website, the more often the search engines will display your website on their results page.

The more your website is being shown, the more people will visit, the more your subscribe buttons get clicked…

Now you're doing good SEO!
This circle feeds itself… for some time. But “organic traffic” as we like to call it gets you only so far; Only after you are performing well with organic results, we will advise you could start advertising your website and growing your business.
Monitoring, fixing, and growing more.
The last stage is very close monitoring to find out the strong points and capitalize on them, and the weak points to fix them.

Remember, SEO is a job of comparison between you and your nearest competitor… It is a race that never ends!

About US

UPOD Design is a local agency here in Bakersfield, we proudly serve national and international customers but are well set here in town and we visit our local customers all the time.

We have been established since 1998, when computers still ran on coal; well kind of.

Our team is a mix of old expertise and young dynamic age; we are currently a family of 17, from all walks of life, with a combined experience of 184 years… And counting!


UPOD were very professional, communicated extremely well and did a perfect job. They responded very quickly and even did a little better than i was hoping for. i will definitely be doing business with them in the future.
Joy Gebara

Gebara Jewellry

They have a quality that makes the work so much easier to do 🙂

I didn’t worry about a thing! I definitely advise anyone to work with them!

Hannah Ortis


Francis was incredibly responsive, thoughtful, communicative, great partner on project and all around pleasant person with whom to work. I’d highly recommend him to anyone. In fact, I plan to work with him again in the near future.
Tolu Adeley

AJ Tennis Academy

Latest Articles

Benefits Of A Digital Business

When you , compare an online business to its brick-and-mortar counterpart, you’ll understand why tens of millions of people all over the world take the online route instead.


The web has a far wider reach than any other form of advertising. While it takes time to build up enough traffic to your
website to make a worthwhile impact on your company`s marketing campaign, it costs next to nothing to do so.

What Business Can I Start Online

Most skills needed to succeed in an online business is technical, and this is why we offer our completely managed business options; We take care of the boring stuff to allow you focus on how to grow your business.

We Will Help Find Your Best Fit. We Will Make It Happen, Make Sure It Works and Then Make It Better.

Being on the internet is like being in a small town with a population of 4 Billion.

Yes, Billion!

There is so much business to be made, so many relationships to build, and so much work that needs to be done. Book yourself a seat in this ever growing world, start one business or start many, we are and will always be local, reachable, and will always be the best!

Do You Have Any Questions? Do You Need More Info? Do You Have a Specific Project In Mind To Discuss?