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How Many People Visited, What Did They Click, When Did They Leave Your Site?

Analyzing the “traffic” on your website is a serious business; there have been many tools made, but neither is perfect! You need to know what exactly are people doing on your website, to change things around and keep people more interested in exactly what you want.

What Is It All About?

Communicating What You Do Poperly!

When a website is made, we will tell the search engines what is is about, and where to index it. For example, this website is about building websites in Cleveland.

If the search engines index your site with the wrong gang of websites, you are set for a bad day!

Quantitative Monitoring.

We will be counting the numbers and the ratios. How many visitors to each page, how long do they stay, when do they leave, how many pages do they view before clicking away? All this will contribute to making your website’s performance better. 

Qualitative Monitoring.

We’d like to know not only how many minutes a visitor stayed on your website, but what did they do? Did they sign up to newsletters? Did they fill out a contact form? Did they buy anything? All that will contribute to a higher positioning in the Search Engine Results Page.

Engineering the Whole Experience.

The ultimate goal for optimizing your website is to break the search. When a visitor reaches your website, their search should be over! 

Therefore we need to make sure we bring in the right crowd, and bring then in at the right time, and to the right page!

Our Philosophy 

Despite the availability of CRMs and professionals who will promise you the world, there is yet to be anything better than a smart knowledgeable person behind a keyboard! 

We take the matter seriously, and personally, and a real professional will be working on your site at all times. Robots are better fit to weld cars than analysis. But again, that’s only us 🙂

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

We will pay you a visit, and learn some facts about your business goals and your short term and long term plans. And based on that we will develop together an aproach that will both fit your budget but make your dream come true!


Choose a Coaching Plan

All plans are at least GOOD! We don’t sell empty plans and big promises!

Depending on how far do you want to go, and how soon do you want to get there, you might need to pay more or less. We will figure it out together, though.

Reach Your Goals

So what did you want to be found 1000 times this week? Do you have a special and want to sell 50 offers?

There is always something that needs to be achieved. Never do we launch without a clear target! And once you have your target set, you can always reach there!

One Month Of Simply  Monitoring

We will go month to month, you will receive weekly reports and we will be happy to meet with you on weekly basis to discuss the results.


More Details

Analytical quantitative reports as well as a qualitative report that showcases the strong and the week points of your site.

One Month Monitor And Adapt

We will go month to month, you will receive weekly reports and we will be happy to meet with you on a weekly basis to discuss the results.


More Details

In addition to the quantitative and qualitative reports offered in the first package, you will receive a free 10 hour “evaluate and adapt” service (USD 360 value) where we will enhance the low points and shed a stronger light at the strong points of your website, SEO, and online sales strategy.

Six Months Monitor and Adapt

We will provide the quantitative and qualitative reports, a heat map that shows where you customers click (as well as where they don’t).

Additionally, we will offer a free 36 hours of “evaluate and adapt” service a value of USD 1296.


Still Have Questions?