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Helping You Find Success With Your Online Presence

How Can You Show Your Website To Those Who Really Want To See It?

It is a lot of effort and money to bring people to visit your website, especially at the volume you need to keep your business healthy and profitable. 

Don’t wast that effort bringing in the wrong crowd!

What Is It All About?

Putting The Internet To Work!

People who go online always leave some trail of who they are, what they like, the things they need to find… Even yourself, you do that. All the time!

We will learn about those who are online, and then only show your website to those who fit the profile of your ideal target market demographics. 

Re-Marketing Techniques

Have you ever been on Amazon for example, looked something up, and then visited another website or Google, and were shown the exact product you were looking at? 

Magic? Maybe… But we can make it happen!

Save Money!

Nothing in this cyber world is free, pretty much like the physical world. It will need either some effort, or some money, or both to bring someone in and browse your website. 

Do you want to make the effort and spend your budget on visitors who are there by mistake? People who were trying to find something else but happened to land in your website? Neither do we, We can Help! Give us a shout.

Our Philosophy

If you show your business to someone who is desperately looking for it, then you have a great chance to make a sale. We like that.

But for example, if you were looking for “great website” you probably would have found this website… But if you were looking for “great website about dogs” you might have also found this website. Not good.

Now it does not exactly work like that, Google is not that simpleton, but it kind of works like that in some sort… And we don’t like it when that happens!

How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

We will pay you a visit, and learn some facts about your business goals and your short term and long term plans. And based on that we will develop together an aproach that will both fit your budget and  make your dream come true!


Choose a Targeting Plan

All plans are at least GOOD! We don’t sell empty plans and big promises!

We will set up the plan together, we will find out your relevant keywords, and the cost of them on the websites you need.

Reach Your Goals

So what did you want to be found 1000 times this week? Do you have a special and want to sell 50 offers?

There is always something that needs to be achieved. Never do we launch without a clear target! And once you have your target set, you can always reach there!

One Month Managing Your Campaign

We will go month to month, we will plan your campaign and launch it. In one month we will meet and deliver the report to you.

More Details

Analytical quantitative reports as well as a qualitative report that showcases the performance of each keyword. This report will be a chance to optimize the following month’s campaign to perform better and make a higher return on your investment.

One Month Of Daily Monitoring and Reporting

On daily basis, we will check your campaign’s performance and adapt everything to keep a better performance and set up for the best possible return on investment.

More Details

In addition to the quantitative and qualitative reports offered in the first package, you will receive a free 10 hour “evaluate and adapt” service (USD 360 value) where we will adapt the campaign’s keywords and biddings to make up the best return on investment.

More Than 3 Months Campaigns

In advertising that is considered long-term and goes more under strategy than tactics, so there is no one-size-fits-all type of offer which we can make. 

Let’s meet, and we will make you the best offer we can!

Still Have Questions?